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Arts & Crafts in Rajasthan

wood carving

Rajasthan is well known all over the world for its hand-printed textiles, furniture, leatherwork, jewellery, painting, pottery and metal craft. The use of lively colors and flamboyant, fantasy designs is distinctive in all forms of arts and crafts of Rajasthan.It will be unfair to say that Rajasthani artists only make[…]

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Arts and Crafts of Andhra Pradesh

kuchipudi kathak

Culture of Andhra Dance Rich culture is always prevalent in the state of Andhra Pradesh. A huge collection of performing arts emerged from this state including music, drama and dance to our world. Dance being the most significant type of performing arts is constantly encouraged since centuries in our country.[…]

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Art & Craft of Jammu Kashmir

arts jammu

Basketry Willow rushes that grow plentifully in marshes and lakes in Kashmir are used to make charmingly quaint objects, ranging from shopping baskets and lampshades to tables and chairs, all generally in expensive. Brass, Copper and Silver Ware Kashmir is known throughout the world for its arts and crafts. There[…]

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Arts & Crafts of Andaman & Nicobar


The Andaman & Nicobar Islands are a long chain of islands located in the southeastern part of the Bay of Bengal. Wood and other forest products are available here in abundance. Padauk, Badam and Gurjan are the main varieties of useful timbers found on these islands. Canes and bamboo are[…]

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Handicrafts of Goa


From intricate wood carving to colourful wooden lacquerware, from sturdy bamboo craft to delicate papier-mâché, from fabulous terracotta and brassware to art pieces made from exotic sea shells, from intricate crochet and embroidery to rustic jute macramé, from delicate fibre craft to unconventional coconut masks, Goa’s art forms are as[…]

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Arts & Crafts in Uttar Pradesh


Art and Craft The major art forms popular and practiced in Uttar Pradesh since time immemorial are painting, sculpture, hand-crafted designs on metal, wood, ivory, stone and clay. Painting & Rock Painting The tradition of painting in Uttar Pradesh goes back to pre-historic times. The cave paintings of Sonbhadra and[…]

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Museum in Goa


The Indian Customs and Central Excise Museum The Indian Customs and Central Excise Museum is first of its kind in the country. This museum has been established to promote appreciation of the evolution of the Indian Customs and Central Excise from ancient times, its modernization and relevance today for revenue[…]

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Arts & Crafts in Orissa

patachitra paintings of orissa

Odisha (Orissa) has an art and craft that are the products of a long historical process in which the spiritual, philosophical and the human dimensions have merged to yield the finest effects of a cultured and civilized life. Fine Arts Painting, according to some scholars is as old as Odisha’s[…]

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Art & Craft of Haryana


Haryana handicrafts and handlooms has already marked its existence in the market. The state is famous for many unique Haryana crafts, which are exported all over the world and most famous is Surajkund crafts fair held in feb every year. Pottery Pottery is essentially a village craft, and Haryana is[…]

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Arts, Crafts and Handlloms of Assam


Different regions of Assam are known for their different forms of art and handicrafts. CANE AND BAMBOO Cane and bamboo have remained inseparable parts of life in Assam. Grown in abundance here and hence most of the household articles in the homes of Assamese are made of cane and bamboo.[…]

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Arts and Crafts of Gujarat

art vraft banner

Gujarat has a very rich heritage of handicrafts. The handicrafts of Gujarat are very unique. These handicrafts have been given a fillip by the government and some private individuals. Craftsmen and women who left their villages to work as stone crushers for the living have been brought back to practise[…]

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Fairs and Festivals in Manipur

Rasa Lila in Manipuri dance style

A year in Manipur consists of a cycle of festivals. It is also rightly said as the land of festivals. Lai Haraoba ‘Lai Haraoba’ is a spring festival held during April and May where both men and women perform a number of dances worshipping the deity. Cheiraoba This festival celebrated[…]

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Miscellaneous Art and Crafts of Arunachal Pradesh


Arunachal Pradesh is the home to a large number of tribes and sub-tribes. It has a rich tradition of craftsmenship, which manifests itself in various arts and crafts produced by these tribes. The Buddhist including Monpas, Sherdukpen, Aka, Bugun et al make beautiful masks, carpets and painted wooden vessels. The[…]

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Tanjore Paintings Arts and Crafts in Tamilnadu

Poompuhar Crafts mela exhibition

Thanjavur painting is a classical South Indian painting style, which was inaugurated from the town of Thanjavur and spread across the adjoining and geographically contiguous Tamil country. The art form draws its immediate resources and inspiration from way back about 1600 AD, a period when the Nayakas of Thanjavur under[…]

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Arts & Crafts of Meghalaya

banner creative art

The state of Meghalaya is well known for various crafts. Handicrafts made with cane and bamboo products, textile weaving, carpet weaving, ornament making and woodcarving also hold important place in Meghalaya’s art and crafts. Weaving Bamboo work Handicrafts Work

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Arts and Crafts in Nagaland

nagaland crafts

The arts and crafts of Nagaland are inseperable for they are mostly associated despite their utilitarian aspects, with socio-religious rituals and ceremonies. Pottery Making Wood Carving Log-drums Blacksmithy Metal Work Ornaments Embroidry Crafts

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Telangana Art & Crafts

arts crafts slider

Telangana arts and crafts exhibit high quality workmanship, creativity, and imagination; take a look at the evocative and sublime, artifacts; buy and take home your favorite ones. Bidri Craft Bidri craft is yet another craft that serves as the pride of the Telangana region. This unique art of silver engraved[…]

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