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Arts and Crafts of Andhra Pradesh

kuchipudi kathak

Culture of Andhra Dance

Rich culture is always prevalent in the state of Andhra Pradesh. A huge collection of performing arts emerged from this state including music, drama and dance to our world. Dance being the most significant type of performing arts is constantly encouraged since centuries in our country. The most popular form of classical dance, Kuchipudi originated from Andhra Pradesh. Categorized to be one among the best dance forms in the world, this Kuchipudi is analogous to Bharat Natyam. Apart from Kuchipudi, there are also other dance forms originated from Andhra Pradesh. Perini, an outstanding dance form also originated here. This is a warrior dance form often referred to dance of god Shiva.

Arts and Crafts of Andhra Pradesh

Arts and Crafts of Andhra Pradesh

Art & Craft

The diversified state of Andhra Pradesh delivers all the aspects of colorful existence right from high-end technology to traditional art and crafts. The art and crafts section consists of amazing categories of handlooms, paintings and handicrafts. To be frank, Andhra Pradesh culture is incomplete without noticing their magnificent art and crafts that cannot be traced anywhere in our country.

Be it metal crafts, stone crafts, toys, sarees, brass ware or paintings, there are highly trained professionals available in this state who are masters in the traditional way of making things. Handlooms from Andhra Pradesh mesmerize not only our people but also foreigners because of their luxurious texture.


Decorative hand crocheted lace

Banjara Embroidery

Kalamkari Paintings

Butta Bommalu


Arts and Crafts of Andhra Pradesh



Arts and Crafts of Andhra Pradesh


Arts and Crafts of Andhra Pradesh

Nirmal Paintings


Arts and Crafts of Andhra Pradesh

BurraKathaArts and Crafts of Andhra Pradesh


Arts and Crafts of Andhra Pradesh


The state of Andhra Pradesh is well known for their handloom work and is also called as an old institution of hand-woven cloth materials. The state delivers elite dress materials and sarees possessing distinguished and delicate hand-made designs. Each and every saree comes with a complicated ‘pallu’ and thin border embellished with golden thread work.


Indian art & crafts carry a special place for Handicraft items. Andhra Pradesh is just another state to deliver huge collection of amazing and wonderful handicraft items. There are highly trained professionals who are involved in this art with great care and dedication.

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