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Mizoram or ‘land of the hill people’ is covered with magnificent mountains and deep gorges, and is sandwiched between Myanmar (Burma) and Bangladesh.  The Mizo society is practically free from divisions based on caste, creed and sex. Their code of ethics is based on ‘Tlawmngaihna’ which means ‘being kind, unselfish and hospitable to others.’ Mizoram is also the land of Mizos or Highlanders. They are divided into several sub-tribes: Luseis, Lais, Maras, Kukis etc.  The tribes converted from Animist religions to Christianity over the first half of 20th century.

The state capital of Aizawal is set on a ridge at an altitude of 4000 ft. overlooking the lush green Tlawng river valley and the craggy hills of Durtlang. The Tropic of Cancer passes through this tranquil hill resort. Mizoram also has the second-highest literacy rates and is one of three states with a Christian majority (87%). Mizos are known for their numerous folk and community dances and are perhaps the finest choir singers of the northeast. Nimble fingered craftsmen create exquisite handloom and handicraft articles. The beautiful state is also noted for its rich wealth of flora and fauna.


Though mostly influenced by Western lifestyles, the Mizos cling to their rich cultural heritage, colourful customs and lively traditions. Their festivals and dances  have a unique tribal flavour. Other than Christmas and New Year’s Day which are the most popular, Chapchar Kut, a festival marking the end of the laborious clearing of jungles for the year’s cultivation during the first week of March, is another occassion celebrated with much gusto. The most popular dances are Cheraw (Bamboo Dance), Khual Lam  (Dance for Guests) and Chheih Lam (Dance of Joy).

Besides, Aizawal; Champai, Lunglei, Serchhip and Lawngtlai are also worth a visit.

State Capital: Aizawal 

Places of interest: State Museum, Bora Bazar, Mini Zoological Garden

Around Aizawal: Bung, Luangmual Handicrafts Centre, Tamdil Lake.


Airport: Linked by air

Railhead; Silchar (184 km)

Road: Aizawal is connected by National Highway 54

Official website: tourism.mizoram.gov.in

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