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Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands are an archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. These approximately 300 islands are known for their palm-lined, white-sand beaches, mangroves and rain-forest interiors. Only about 38 of them are inhabited. Surrounded with coral reefs that support marine life including sharks and rays, they are ideal destinations for scuba diving and snorkeling; as well as water skiing, windsurfing and fishing. Oceanside camping and hiking is also possible on some islands.

Historically, the British government founded a penal settlement there for deportation of freedom fighters from mainland India; which came to be known as Kala Pani (black waters). Today, this is a tourist attraction, where a sound & light show is held at night. The scenic stretch, popular known as Emerald islands, is fast emerging as a popular tourist destination. The capital Port Blair, is a commercial hub and a fine base for exploring around.

Places to visit: Cellular jail, Gandhi Park, Corbyn’s Cove, Mahatma Gandhi Marine International Park, Mount Harriet National Park, Sippighat farm

By air: Port Blair is linked by air with Madras/Chennai (1300 km) and Calcutta/Kolkata (1330 km)

By sea: Sailing is possible from Chennai (1190 km), Kolkata (1255 km) and Vishakapatnam (1200 km)

Official website: http://www.andamans.gov.in/