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Wildlife Sanctuary in Haryana

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Sultanpur National Park and Bird Sanctuary

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary covering an area of 1.43 square kilometers was declared as a Bird Sanctuary in the year 1972, which later upgraded to National Park in the year 1989. As per the records, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary has become full-fledged National Park by the year 1991.

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Kalesar National Park

The Kalesar National Park is a home to different species of wild animals, birds and plants. Flora of the park include different species of trees such as sal, small sindoor, khair, shisham, sain, jhingan, chhal (Anogeissus latifolia) along with many varieties of medicinal plants. The KNP is a home to red jungle fowl. Few of the wild animals found in the park include wild boars, sambhars, hares, porcupine, monkeys and Chitals.

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Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary is considered as an eco-sensitive zone in Haryana. It is a home to different species of flora and fauna. Fauna of the sanctuary include different species of wild animals, birds and reptiles. Few of the important wild animals found in the sanctuary includes Black Bucks, Jackals, Foxes, Monitor Lizards and such other little animals.

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Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary

The Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary is a home to different species of plants, resident birds and a haven for migrating bird species. Flora of the sanctuary include different species of grasses and aquatic plants. Ornithologists recorded occurrence of 250 species of both resident and migratory birds in the sanctuary.

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