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Sippighat farm

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If agriculture & farming is what interests you, you could visit the Sippighat Agriculture Farm. Established in 1959 as the ‘Soil Conservation and Demonstration Center’ & converted into a Horticulture farm in 2003, the Sippighat farm is spread over a sprawling 80 acres. A mass of cultivated greenery, it is surrounded yet again by natural verdant beauty.


You will find a wide variety of crops from spices like black pepper & vanilla to cash crops like coffee to medicinal plants being grown here. Some of the best properties of the medicinal plants have been displayed here as well. You might be shocked to know what all the plants, which have been in your backyard since forever could do.

Another attraction of the farm is the presence of various species of migratory birds, which makes it a must visit place for ornithologists or birdwatchers. The Pacific Golden-Plover, Eurasian Curlew, Mongolian Plover and other such birds attract a great crowd from all over the world.

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