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Fairs and Festivals of Karnataka

major fair festivals

Hampi Festival

The magnificent city of Hampi comes alive with a symphony of colors during the festival of Hampi in the state of Karnataka. This festival is held in the first week of November and the people of Hampi, once the capital of Vijayanagara, the greatest empire of the Indian subcontinent indulges themselves in the festive spirit with an assortment of cultural performances.


Mysore Dussehra

In the 21st century, processions of the Dasara festival are carried on in a traditional way. Also known as ‘Jamboo Savari’, the processions involve parades of beautifully decorated elephants, one of which carries the idol of Goddess Chamundeshwari.



Pongal is celebrated on the day of winter solstice according to the Hindu calendar. It is nice to visit the state of Karnataka when Pongal is being celebrated so that you can be a part of the mirth as well.


Kambala Festival

The Kambala(Buffalo race) Festival in Karnataka takes place in between November and march every year. The places where the Kambala Festival takes place are Baradi Beedu, Bolantur, Kolatta, Majalu, Puttur, Kamalakettu and Uppinagadi.


Pattadakkal Dance Festival

Festival celebrates the magnificence of all the temples located here. Ten temples are located here together with a Jain shelter which is flanked by several small pedestals and shrines.


Tula Sankramana

This is a religious festival celebrated in the Coorg or Kodagu district of Karnataka and is celebrated in the month of October every year. it is universally believed that Goddess Cauvery appears on this day in the sudden rush of the water in the small tank there.


Hoysala Mahotsava (Belur – Helebid)

This magnificent dance festival is held at Belur and Helebid. The splendidly sculpted temples of Hoysala with their grace and splendor make the venue perfect for this much-awaited cultural feast.


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