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JN Rao is an excellent Tour Organizer. I will recommend it in my home town. I hope to be back next time!

Ms. P. Mariani By Belgium

My journey to Gujarat in India has been my dream since high school. I did not know that I can observe as many species of birds. JN Rao Tours have given us perfect organization and support during our trip to Sasan Gir National Park and the Velavadar National Park. Fantastic observations of lions in Sasan Gir or crocodiles in a pond will remain in my memory. Faces of friendly and smiling people left in my photos. An experienced driver and professional tour guides gave us a sense of security. Hotels booked by the organizers allowed to rest in good conditions. Diversity of nature, religion and people was a big surprise for me. Soft and warm climate in comparison to the Polish cold winter was a nice surprise. In such a wonderful and different conditions I could do a lot of interesting pictures. Meeting with many bird-watchers from around the world has given me many new experiences. I met many friendly people in India. I was in India for the first time but I hope that I’ll be back. Jaroslaw from Poland Best regards Jaroslaw Wiacek

Jaroslaw Wiacek By Poland

Hello Mister Rao, should have to say Master Rao! I’m very grateful for the wonderful voyage U prepared to us in your beautiful country! Thank U very much! All was alright! The hotels, the sightseeings, the food, the people who attended us! That gave me the desire to come back next year! I speak with all my friends telling how beautiful journey I had in India, every time I recommend your services! Hope to see U soon! ciao, bye, salut, adios

Henry PRAT By Frans