Manipur, literally meaning ‘jewelled land,’ is studded with lush hills, emerald emerald valleys, turquoise lakes and deep woods. Lord Irwin described it as ‘Switzerland of India.’ Rich in culture and heritage, it epitomises grace and beauty through the renowned Manipuri classical dance and other captivating tribal dances, noted for their colourful costumes.  The state’s creative output is also reflected in its handloom and handicrafts.


Manipur is also known for its rich traditions in sports and martial skills. Polo is believed to have originated here in the form of Songol Kangjei (Manipuri polo). Other popular indigenous sports include Mukna Kangjei (Manipuri wrestling) and Yubi Lakpir (Manipuri rugby)

The beautiful capital city, Imphal, nestling in an oval-shaped valley, is said to be founded in the 3rd century BC.  The people of the state include the Meitei, Nagas, Kuki-Chin-Mizo and the Gorkhas. Their folklore, myths & legends, dances, games, arts & crafts are deeply embedded in the fabric of the land.


Capital: Imphal

Places of interest: Old Royal Palace, Shri Govindji temple. Khwairamband Bazar (IMA market), Shahid Minar, war cemeteries, State museum,  Central Khongampat Orchidarium, Zoological Gardens, Langthambal.


Airport: Linked by air

Railhead: Dimapur (215 km) in Nagaland and Jiribam (225 km)

Road: Connected by road

Official website: tourismmanipur.nic.in

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