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Fairs and Festivals in Manipur

Rasa Lila in Manipuri dance style

A year in Manipur consists of a cycle of festivals. It is also rightly said as the land of festivals.

Lai Haraoba

‘Lai Haraoba’ is a spring festival held during April and May where both men and women perform a number of dances worshipping the deity.

Lai Haraoba


This festival celebrated in the month of April signifies the Manipur New Year. During this festival people clean and decorate their houses, compound and road and prepare special dishes that are first offered to various Gods for prosperous New Year ahead. Cheiraoba


Ningol Chakouba

It is one of the popular festivals among the Manipuris when married daughters of the family visit their parental house along with her children and enjoy sumptuous feast.

Ningol Chakouba


This festival is celebrated for five days continuously in the month of March. It is a festival of colours and all people, young and old of both sexes, participate in this festival. Thabal chongba (a kind of Manipuri folk dance, where boys and girls hold hands and dance together in a circle), games & sports, parties and feast are organized during these festive days.



This is one of the greatest festivals of the Hindus of Manipur. It is celebrated for 10 days in the month of Ingen (June/July).  It is also popularly known as Rath Jatra where Lord Jagannath leaves in a Rath pulled by pilgrims.



KUT is a festival of the Kuki-Chin-Mizo people of Manipur.  It is celebrated during the month of November by villagers after a bountiful stocks harvested during the year. It is celebrated with feasts, songs and dances in honor of the abundant giver the God Almighty.



It is one of the important festivals of the Nagas of Manipur, celebrated during the month of February. It is said to be the seed sowing festival after which the Nagas start their sowing season.

Lui Ngai Ni


It is one of the important festivals of the Zeliangrong Nagas, celebrated for five days in the month of January/February. The festival starts with traditional rituals by blowing horn and by making fresh fire with the ancient friction method and distributed to every household.

Gang Ngai

Heikru Hidongba

It is also popularly known as Boat race, celebrated during the month of September. 16 metres narrow boats are used accommodating large number of rovers for the race.

Heikru Hitongba


This is a great festival of the Tangkhul Nagas, celebrated for seven days in the month of December. The festival is celebrated after the harvest. The last three days are devoted to social gatherings and rejoicing.



Chagah festival is celebrated by the Liangmai community of Manipur during the month of October (Chagah Hiu in local dialect).  It is celebrated to mark the coming of joyful days after winning war against adversaries.

Chagah Festival

Manipur Sangai

The Manipur Sangai Festival is one of the famous festivals of Manipur sponsored by the Tourism Department, Government of Manipur. It is a 10 days Annual Festival held from 21st of November to 30th of November where various arts and culture, handloom, indigenous sports, Eco adventure tourism are shown.





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